Course Substitutions for PNGE

The following substitutions are generally allowed if the requirements specified below are met.  The courses must be petitioned to your PNGE advisor and program Chair so that the degree audit is correct.   A completed degree audit determines whether you are eligible to graduate.

Some substitute courses have controls that prevent PNGE students from registering for them. Even if a substitution is permitted by the EME Department, there is no guarantee that the department offering a substitute course will allow PNGE students to register for it.  

Original Course



CMPSC 201 or 202

CMPSC 121 or 200

CMPSC 200 is allowed for all students, although C++ is recommended. CMPSC 121 is allowable only for change-of-campus students who took 121 while enrolled at their initial campus. 
**CMPSC 101 is not accepted as a substitute for CMPSC 201 or 202.

ECON 102

ECON 104

Allowed for all students, but 102 is recommended.

EMCH 210 (5)

EMCH 211 (3) and 213 (3)

The combination of EMCH 211 and 213 is equivalent to 210. Allowed for all students. 

EME 301

ME 300, CHE 320

These substitutions are only allowed for students who were enrolled in the College of Engineering at the time that they took these courses.  Otherwise EME 301 must be taken.

EME 303

CE 360

Allowed for all students, but EME 303 is recommended.

EMSC 100

CAS 100

Students who began at a PSU campus other than UP or in a PSU college other than Earth and Mineral Sciences will take CAS 100 in place of EMSC 100. 

MATH 230 (4)

MATH 231 (2) and 232 (2)

Allowed for all students.

MATH 230 (4)

MATH 220 (2) and 231 (2)

Allowed for all students.

MATH 251 (4)

MATH 250 (3) and 252 (1)

Allowed for all students.

PHYS 213

PHYS 214

Allowed only for students who were enrolled in the College of Engineering at the time that Phys 214 was taken.

Tech Electives (6)


Any 300 or 400 level course with MATH 141 as a prerequisite. Some geology courses and SPE short courses will also count - see webpage for listing of these course.