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Our program is all-inclusive, covering all forms of energy with policy serving as the program's nexus. In addition to instilling a strong sustainability ethic, we integrate an international perspective into the program, so you can gain knowledge of international, social, cultural, and political dimensions of energy and sustainability considerations on a global scale.

Energy and Sustainability Policy (B.A.)

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in ESP you can gain the knowledge and skills to research, analyze, and communicate diverse information about emerging global trends in energy policy, technologies, and economics.  In the B.A. program, the focus is expanded to allow students to select a foreign language and take supporting coursework in global culture and humanities.

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Energy and Sustainability Policy (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science degree in ESP can prepare you for careers in the rapidly evolving energy and sustainability policy sector, especially where strong science, business, and analytical skills are required.  In the B.S. program, students select additional coursework in areas closely related to the major. 

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The program can prepare you for success in energy careers related to policy analysis, sales and account management, permitting and compliance, and public relations in energy-related organizations -  including government agencies and nongovernmental organizations, public utilities, regulatory bodies, energy trade organizations, and businesses. 

Where Our Graduates Find Jobs

  • Commercial firms
  • Government agencies
  • Energy trade groups
  • Government agencies

Contact the Program

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