Industrial and Professional Advisory Councils (IPACs)

EME has four volunteer-based Industrial and Professional Advisory Coucils (IPACs). Each IPAC helps to assist its program area through support, assistance, and guidance. 

Program Chair: Jonathan Mathews


  • Help support the Environmental Systems Engr (ENVSE) program in developing and achieving its mission and strategic objectives
  • Improve the understanding of what graduates of the program will need upon graduation
  • Improve the quality of the educational experience by providing practical experience into the overall program
  • Transfer knowledge and insight about global and domestic trends and practices in business, regulations and community expectations
  • Help identify and jointly develop potential solutions for constraints, barriers, or critical issues that may inhibit or delay the program from achieving its mission and strategic objectives

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Advise faculty and administration on critical issues, strategic objectives, program resources, desired program outcomes, learning objectives, and other educational issues
  • Ensure Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) are current and meet the needs of ENVSE stakeholders.  Review objectives and feedback from industry groups on a regular basis – update PEOs as necessary.
  • Support the program as necessary to maintain ABET accreditation.  Work with the Program Chair to address ABET review findings, review materials for upcoming reviews, meeting the review committee members, etc.
  • Interact regularly with faculty and students to contribute knowledge and expertise regarding the knowledge, skills, and abilities the graduates of the program will need in practice
  • Continually look for new and improved methods for enhancing the quality and quantity of interactive dialogue between industry representatives, faculty, and students
  • Participate in strategic planning and the development of new initiatives
  • Consult with faculty to create opportunities for students and faculty to be exposed to the application of the principals and theories in practice and critical issues facing industry.  Support the student society (SESE) through presentations on relevant industry issues, types of jobs, resume and interview skills, etc.
  • As requested by Faculty, provide input and/or participate in teaching activities (e.g., capstone design, visiting lectures, new courses)
  • Provide visible and vocal support for the program in highlighting the needs of the program.  Advocate for the program within the Energy & Minerals Engineering Department & College of Earth & Mineral Sciences.


The industry advisory committee meets face to face at least once per year.  Additional meetings and conference calls are scheduled by the Chair as needed.  In consultation with the Program Chair and IPAC members, the IPAC Chair develops a meeting agenda that is distributed to all members prior to each meeting.­­­­­­­


The advisory committee consists of a diverse group of professionals that may include representation from relevant technical disciplines and competencies such as:

  • Environmental Engineering & Science
  • Safety and Health
  • Process Safety
  • Extractive industries – Mining, petroleum, natural gas, etc.
  • Chemical Process Industries
  • Consulting and project management
  • Regulatory Agencies

Based on nominations provided by ENVSE faculty and advisory committee members, the Program Chair endorses one member to serve as the Chair of the IPAC.

Member List:

  • Mike Barish
    Engineering Manager
    Somerset Coal International
  • Larry T. Goodheart
    Manager, Environmental Technology
    Chevron - retired
  • Kelly L. Hamilton (Chair)
    Environmental Manager
    NRG Energy
  • Michael J. Henk, CRIS
    Assistant Vice President
    Tokio Marine Specialty Insurance Company
  • Lucy A. Sciallo-Tyler, CSP, CIH
    EHS Advisor
  • Christopher M. Stroz, CSP
    Health, Environmental, and Safety Superintendent
    Chevron Nigeria Ltd

Program Chair: Jeffrey Kohler

PNGE Program Chair: John Wang

Committee Members:

  • Gary Packer – (Committee Chair); Newfield Exploration Company; Spring, TX
  • Adwait Chawathe – Chevron; San Ramon, CA
  • Paul Dudenas – East; Allison Park, PA
  • Lou Durlofsky – Stanford University; Stanford, CA
  • Steven Hinchman – Scala Energy; Houston, TX
  • Thomas Lopus – Range Resources-Appalachia; Canonsburg, PA