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Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems

The Penn State RESS program presented by the Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering and delivered online by Penn State World Campus, provides a world-class interdisciplinary education to empower professionals in diverse fields to lead the transformation of the world's energy economy to a sustainable basis of operation.

Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (32 credits)

This program provides students with well-rounded education in the fields of renewable energy technology, policy, and markets, emphasizing the project management and system thinking skills relevant to the jobs in industry, business, and government organizations. This program is set to meet the nations’ critical need in energy professionals with fundamental competencies in sustainable development. It prepares students to assume advanced roles and leadership responsibilities within their respective organizations as well as provides with credentials needed for entering the renewable energy sector.

RESS Master’s program enables students to:

  • Gain advanced technical expertise in the renewable energy resources and technologies;
  • Develop renewable energy and sustainability projects in the context of the national and global economy;
  • Analyze the feasibility of energy solutions for businesses and organizations;
  • Apply technical, economic, and ethical frameworks to policy and business development;
  • Articulate ideas and solutions to a variety of stakeholders.

RESS programs are designed for part-time adult learners and are delivered via an interactive-online learning network that allows students to actively learn while remaining in their current employment and location.

RESS graduates excel in a wide variety of commercial and industrial occupations, including renewable energy consultants, energy project managers, energy efficiency analysts, sustainable policy representatives, and sustainability entrepreneurs.

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