Recruiters and Industry

A panel of industry professionals pose after discussing career opportunities with energy and mineral engineering students

EME On-Campus Recruiting >>

With over 1,500 students at the graduate and undergraduate level, the John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering has a vast pool of talent ready to become a valuable asset to your organization as interns and full-time employees. Our students receive a world-class education from our world-renowned faculty in the fields of energy business and finance, energy engineering, environmental systems engineering, mining engineering, petroleum and natural gas engineering, and energy and mineral engineering. The technical and analytical skills they develop from their training in our programs makes them well-prepared to be the next future leaders in the energy and minerals industries.

If you would like to visit the Penn State campus to interview our students, please read our guide to EME's on-campus recruiting, or contact Judi Hite, our industry recruiting coordinator at or 814-863-1707.

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If you have recruited at EME in the past, you can log in to your eCareer account to review newly submitted resumes, post a job announcement, and pre-select students you would like to interview.

Submit a Job Announcement

If you are unable to visit Penn State to conduct interviews on campus, you can still submit a job announcement for students to view. New job descriptions can be posted directly in eCareer by logging into your account, or you can send a copy of your job announcement to Judi Hite, our industry recruiting coordinator at

Support EME Students

In addition to our recruiting services, EME offers several other opportunities for your organization to connect with our students. Our industry partners lecture in classes, participate in capstone design projects, sponsor student activities, and facilitate field trips, and provide scholarship support. If you are interested in the opportunity to support our EME students, please contact Rachel Conaway at or 814-865-3439.