Approved Tech Electives for the PNGE Major

All courses listed below will automatically count as technical electives without completing a petition form.  Students are encouraged to take other courses not on this list as long as Math 141 is required for any perquisite listed in the course catalogue.  Students must complete a petition form with their advisor’s approval if not on this list.      

CE 370 Introduction to Environmental Engineering

CHEM 210 Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 212 Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 221 Quantitative Analysis

CHEM 227 Analytical Chemistry

CHE210 Introduction to Material Balances

CHE320 Phase and Chemical Equilibria

CHE360 Mathematical Modeling in Chemical Engineering

CHE430 Chemical Reaction Engineering

E B F 472 Quantitative Analysis in Earth Sciences 

E B F 473 Risk Management in Energy Industries  

E B F 483 Introduction to Electricity Markets 

E B F 484 Energy Economics

EGEE 302 Principles of Energy Engineering

EGEE 420 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells  

F SC 432 Petroleum Processing

GEOSC 412 Water Resources Geochemistry

GEOSC 415 Geochemistry

GEOSC 452 Hydrogeology 

MATH 401 Introduction to Analysis I

MATH418 Introduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes for Engineering

MATSE 202 Introduction to Polymer Materials

MATSE 259 Properties and Processing of Engineering Materials

METEO300 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science

MN PR301 Elements of Mineral Processing

PNG494 (any letter) Undergraduate Honors Thesis

PNG 456 - Hydraulic Fracturing Analysis

PNG 457 - Harbison-Fischer Pump Class

PNG 458 - Assessment, Classification, and Reporting of Reserves and Resources

PNG 459 - Wild Well Control Certification Class

PNG494 (any letter) Undergraduate Honors Thesis

PNG497 (any letter) Special Topics

STAT 319 (MATH 319) Applied Statistics in Science

STAT 401 Experimental Methods

Graduate PNGE Courses: (Students should be of senior standing and have >3.5 GPA to take graduate courses)

PNG501 Steady State Flow in Porous Media

PNG502 Unsteady State Flow in Porous media

PNG511 Num. Solution of PDEs of Flow in Porous Media

PNG518 Design of Miscible Recovery Projects

PNG520 Phase Relations in Reservoir Engineering

PNG526 Well Stimulation

PNG530 Natural Gas Engineering

PNG597 (any letter) Special Topics

Graduate courses in PNGE can also be taken as technical elective.