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Jillian Goldfarb

Assistant Professor of Energy Engineering

204 Hosler Building


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Biographical Sketch: 

Jillian Goldfarb is an Assistant Professor of Energy Engineering in the John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. Her research explores issues surrounding energy generation and its impact on the environment, and is funded by the National Science Foundation, the Eppley Foundation, and by the Proctor & Gamble Corporate Sustainability Program. Her laboratory transforms carbonaceous waste into renewable fuels while simultaneously producing materials for environmental remediation, water treatment, fuel upgrading, and other applications. She is currently the American Chemical Society Division of Environmental Chemistry Fall National Meeting Program Chair. Dr. Goldfarb has received an American Chemical Society Leadership Development Award and a Fulbright Scholar Award, and was named a 2017 American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Rising Star for her work on the Integrated Biorefinery.

Educational Background: 

Ph.D. Brown University, Providence, RI, Chemical Engineering, 2008

Sc.M. Brown University, Providence, RI, Engineering, 2005

B.S. Northeastern University, Boston, MA, Chemical Engineering, 2004


Research Interests: 
  • Thermochemical Conversions of Biomass to Biofuels
  • In Situ Approaches to the Integrated Biorefinery
  • Design of Materials for Catalytic Biofuel Upgrading and Water Treatment
  • Biomass-based Materials for Environmental and Electrochemical Applications
  • Public Understanding of Energy and Environmental Issues


Selected Publications: 
  1. Aslan, D.I., P. Parthasarath, J.L. Goldfarb, S. Ceylan. “Pyrolysis Reaction Models of Waste Tires: Application of Master-Plots method for Energy Conversion via Devolatilization.” Waste Management. In Press.
  2. Xue, J., G. Dou, E. Ziade, J.L. Goldfarb. “Integrating Sustainable Biofuel and Silver Nanomaterial Production for in situ Upgrading of Cellulosic Biomass Pyrolysis.” Energy Conversion & Management. 2017. 142, 143-252.
  3. J.L. Goldfarb, G. Dou, M. Salari, M.W. Grinstaff. “Biomass-Based Fuels and Activated Carbon Electrode Materials: An Integrated Approach to Green Energy Systems.” ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 2017. 5, 3046-3054.
  4. Uzun, H., Z. Yildiz, J.L.Goldfarb, S. Ceylan. “Improved Prediction of Higher Heating Value of Biomass Using an Artificial Neural Network Model Based on Proximate Analysis.” Bioresource Technology. 2017. 234, 122-130.
  5. Vyas, A. T. Chellappa, and J.L. Goldfarb. “Development of Porosity and Reactive Surface Area of Feed Corn Stover and Pennsylvania Coal Blends During Co-Pyrolysis”. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. 2017. 124, 79-88.
  6. Goldfarb, J.L., L. Buessing, E. Gunn, M. Lever*, A. Billias*, E. Casoliba, A. Schievano, F. Adani. “Novel Integrated Biorefinery for Olive Mill Waste Management: Utilization of Secondary Waste for Water Treatment.” ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 2017. 5, 876-884. N. Söyler*, 
  7. N. Söyler , J.L. Goldfarb, S. Ceylan, M.T. Saçan. “Renewable Fuels from Pyrolysis of Dunaliella tertiolecta: An Alternative Approach to Lipid Extraction and Transesterification of Microalgae.” Energy. 2017. 120, 907-914.
  8. Christenson, D.P., J.L. Goldfarb and D.L. Kriner “Information Processing and Public Support for ‘Fracking.” Energy Policy. 2017. 105, 407-417.
  9. Berger, M. and J.L. Goldfarb. “Understanding our Energy Footprint: Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory Investigation of Environmental Impacts of Solid Fossil Fuel Wastes.” Journal of Chemical Education. 2017. 94, 1124-1128.
  10. Dou, G. and J.L. Goldfarb. “In situ upgrading of pyrolysis biofuels by bentonite clay with simultaneous production of heterogeneous adsorbents for water treatment.” Fuel. 2017. 195, 273-283.
  11. Upneja, A., G. Dou, C. Gopu, C.A. Johnson, A. Newman, A. Suleimenov and J.L. Goldfarb. “Sustainable synthesis of biotemplated nanostructured ZnO for photocatalytic water treatment via hydrothermal carbonization of banana stalk.” RSC Advances 2016. 6, 92813.
  12. Goldfarb, J.L. and D.L. Kriner. “Building Public Support for Science Spending: Misinformation, Motivated Reasoning, and the Power of Correction.” Science Communication. 2017. 39, 77-100.


Recent Activities: 

Selected Professional Activities

Division of Environmental Chemistry, American Chemical Society (ACS)

Fall National Meeting Program Chair (August 2016 – Present)

Responsible for Annual Fall National Meeting Division Programming (>500 papers, 30 symposia per meeting); Co-chair of Division Programming Committee

Alternate Councilor (September 2017 – Present)

Elected by Division Members to Executive Committee

Member-at-Large (September 2014 – 2017)

Elected by Division Members to Executive Committee (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

Chair, Publicity and Publications Committee (September 2012 – Present)

Edit and Publish EnvirofACS, quarterly newsletter of Division; Engage ENVR members in professional networking.


Committee Member, Chemical Speciation of Nanomaterials in the Environment, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (August 2016 – Present) 

Project No.: 2014-026-3-600

Committee charged with developing guidelines for unification of experimental methods, establishing standards and reference materials, and making recommendations on procedures for nanoparticle research to result in a technical IUPAC report. 


Guest Editor 

Energies Special Issue on Thermofluid Biomass Conversions (with L. Fiori) 2018


Resource Efficient Technologies Special Issue on Nano-Enabled Technologies for Environmental Applications (with K. Hristovski, B. Meyer, O. Khasanov, E. Yurtov) 2017



2017 Fulbright Scholar Award for Research and Teaching at University of Trento, Italy 

2017 American Chemical Society (ACS) Green Chemistry Institute GreenX: Rising Star Award

2016 NSF Travel Award to present work at the AIChE International Congress on Sustainability Science and Engineering, Suzhou, China

2015 Finalist, TECO Green Technology International Competition, Taiwan

2014 ACS Innovative Project Grant

2014 ACS Project SEED Grant to Mentor High School Students

2014 ACS Younger Chemists Committee Leadership Development Award

2014 1st Prize Materials Research Society University Chapter’s “Sustainability@My School”