Shimin Liu

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Shimin Liu

Assistant Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering

224 Hosler Building


Biographical Sketch: 

Shimin Liu joined Penn State as an Assistant Professor in 2013 after completing his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University. His expertise is in gas storage and transport mechanism in coalbed methane reservoirs and carbon sequestration in geological formations, especially in the areas of laboratory characterization of gas-coal interaction, analytical modeling of gas transportation under in situ conditions for carbonaceous rocks, volumetric behaviors of coal with gas adsorption/desorption, CO2 sequestration in coal seams and enhanced gas production.

Educational Background: 

Ph.D. (Engineering Science), Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2012

M.S. (Mineral Processing Engineering), China University of Mining & Technology Beijing, 2007

B.S. (Environmental Engineering), China University of Mining and Technology Beijing, 2005

Research Interests: 
  • Reservoir assessment of unconventional gas resources
  • Reservoir stress evolution with depletion
  • Gas drainage from coal mine
  • Geological carbon sequestration
  • Porous rock imaging (neutron scattering, micro-CT, TEM, SEM)
Selected Publications: 
  1. Abdelmalek, B., Karpyn, Z., Liu, S., Yoon, H., and Dewers, T., 2017. Gas permeability measurements from pressure-pulse decay laboratory data using Pseudo-pressure and Pseudo-time transformations, Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology, in press.
  2. Zhang, R., Liu, S., and Wang, Y., 2017. Fractal evolution under in situ pressure and sorption conditions for coal and shale, Scientific Reports, in press.
  3. Qin, L., Zhai, C., Liu, S., and Xu, J., 2017. Factors controlling the mechanical properties degradation and permeability of coal subjected to liquid nitrogen freeze-thaw, Scientific Reports, v. 7, Article number; 3675.
  4. Zhang, R., Liu, S., Bahadur, J., Elsworth, D., Wang, Y., Hu, G., and Liang, Y., 2017. Changes in pore structure of coal caused by coal-to-gas bioconversion, Scientific Reports, v. 7, Article number; 3840.
  5. Xu, J., Zhai, C., Liu, S., Qin, L., and Sun, Y., 2017. Feasibility investigation of cryogenic effect from liquid carbon dioxide multi cycle fracturing technology in coalbed methane recovery, Fuel, v. 206, pp 371-380.
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  7. Zhang, Q., Dong, Y., Liu, S., Elsworth, D., and Zhao, Y., 2017. Shale pore characterization using NMR Cryoporometry with octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane as the probe liquid, Energy&Fuels, v. 31(7), pp 6951-6959.
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Recent Activities: 
  • Member, Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME), 2007-present.
  • Reviewer for:
    Nature, International Journal of Coal Geology, Energy & Fuels, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, Fuel, International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization, Energy Exploration and Exploitation, Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management, Fluid Phase Equilibria, SPE Journal, Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering, Natural Hazard, International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology, Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Engineering Failure Analysis, The Journal of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources, Journal of Energy Chemistry, Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, Tunneling and Underground Space Technology, International Journal of Coal Science & Technology, ASTM Journal of Testing and Evaluation, Mining Engineering Magazine.