Chunshan Song Awarded Honorary Professor of Tianjin University in China

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Dr. Song recieving the honorary professorship
November 15, 2017

Chunshan Song was conferred as the prestigious Honorary Professor of Tianjin University in Tianjin, China on October 19, 2017.  This is a testament to his scientific contributions and research impacts over the years. Song is a leader in the field of clean fuels and catalysis and currently working toward solutions for carbon dioxide capture and methods for CO2 utilization. In conjunction with his honorary professorship, Song was invited to deliver a plenary lecture at the 18th Chinese National Conference on Catalysis, held in Tianjin from October 16-20, 2017. His lecture is entitled “The New Design Concepts for Sulfur-Tolerant and Carbon-Resistant Catalysts for Hydrocarbon Processing and CO2 Conversion.” The conference attracted over 3500 attendees and gave Song the opportunity to further elevate his research. 
Tianjin University is one of the oldest and strongest national universities in engineering and science in China. Tianjin is always in the top Chinese tiers for chemical engineering and reserves its honorary professorships for the highest caliber scholars around the globe. Previously, Song served on the Advisory Committee for a State Key Laboratory on C1 Chemistry at Tianjin University. He’s also visited the School of Chemical Engineering several times over the years. Song was also recently selected by Osaka University in Japan as a “Global Alumni Fellow” in 2017.