Mining Engineering

Dr. R. Larry Grayson instructing several mining engineering students

Career Opportunities

Many rewarding positions are available in mining engineering today.

Mining engineers are employed in every U.S. state and throughout the world. Mining means more than coal, copper, and gold - it also means bauxite and salt, rare minerals and common gravel, limestone and building stone. Wherever productive mineral deposits are found - in remote outposts or close to metropolitan areas - mining engineers can find a use for their special skills.

Not all mining engineers work in mines, or even for mining companies. Some choose to work for manufacturers of mining equipment in design, applications, or marketing. Some work as planning specialists at corporate headquarters. Others work for state or federal agencies involved with inspection and enforcement of mining regulations. Mining engineers also find careers with large financial, planning, and engineering firms.

Mining engineering offers opportunities for those who want active involvement in their daily routine. There are many opportunities for those who like practical, hands-on work, and for those who prefer office or laboratory positions. This career also appeals to individuals who wish to spend much of their time outdoors.

The outlook is excellent for those who plan to continue their studies and carry out research, developing the technological base for future mining operations.

Penn State Mining Society Student Group

Students pursuing a degree in mining engineering are encouraged to join Penn State's student chapter of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, the professional society for mining engineers.

Joining the mining society student group will expose you to a number of networking opportunities that include participating in regional and national conferences and contests, attending lectures by industry professionals, gaining access to potential employers and additional industry and career resources, and more.