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Brandi J. Robinson

Lecturer, Energy and Sustainability Policy

2217 Earth and Engineering Sciences Building


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Brandi Robinson serves as a faculty member and adviser for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Energy and Sustainability Policy and is the author and instructor for several classes within the program. Ms. Robinson holds a master's degree from Penn State's Department of Geography (2005), where her research focused on local-scale mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, specifically using the University Park campus as a case study. After graduation, Ms. Robinson managed day-to-day operations for the Consortium for Atlantic Regional Assessment (CARA), which was a multi-institutional cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to explore the impacts of climate change on areas around the Mid-Atlantic region. When the grant period was over, Ms. Robinson worked for the Penn State Office of Physical Plant's Engineering Services Division as an engineering aide. Here, Ms. Robinson again pursued her campus-based greenhouse gas work and completed inventories for all of the Commonwealth Campuses. She also helped develop and implement reduction strategies and outreach programs to increase student involvement in energy conservation and other environmentally-focused activities.

Most recently, Ms. Robinson has served as a senior account manager and policy analyst at Environmental Credit Corporation located in State College, Pennsylvania. Environmental Credit is an offset project developer, focusing on projects that reduce methane emissions from farms and landfills. Here, Ms. Robinson has seen projects through the process of data management and collection, to third party verification and issuance of carbon credits. She also works closely to understand the emerging regional and federal policy landscapes as they relate to energy and carbon. Ms. Robinson is the author of GEOG/EME 432: Energy Policy, and will also be teaching GEOG 438W: Human Dimensions of Global Warming.

Educational Background: 

M.S. (Geography), Penn State State University