Environmental Systems Engineering

Environmental reclaimation project

Program Educational Objectives

The integration of knowledge and skills acquired during the course of study enables graduates of Penn State's Environmental Systems Engineering program to:

  • Enter the private or public sectors as environmental systems engineers to solve a broad range of environmental or health and safety problems associated with the resource recovery and general and process industries or pursue an advanced degree.
  • Address critical environmental or health and safety problems of the basic industries, especially those involved with the extraction, conversion, and utilization of energy and mineral resources; design effective and economic engineering systems to alleviate such problems, individually and in a team setting; and communicate the results effectively.
  • Determine the impact of environmental pollution control on the viability of industrial operations, including health and safety, social, and ethical aspects, and an awareness of environmental regulations; evaluate novel strategies for minimizing pollution control costs in the process industries.
  • Recognize the need to maintain professional competency and the value of life-long learning.