Graduate Program in Energy and Mineral Engineering

Graduate students listen during a course lecture

Option in Fuel Science

The Fuel Science option provides advanced instruction and research in the characterization and utilization of fuels, with special emphasis on coal, petroleum and carbon-based materials. Graduates will be at the forefront of society's search for environmentally acceptable solutions to the ever-increasing energy problems of today. The training will prepare students for work in safeguarding the environment and providing society with energy technology choices to meet the ever-growing needs in areas such as fuel processing and use, and technology development.

The research focus in the Fuel Science option is the effective conversion and utilization of energy resources and carbon materials. Faculty have a wide variety of interests spanning coal science and technology, fuel conversion, hydrocarbon combustion, air pollution control and carbon materials. For a full listing of current research areas, please visit our individual faculty profile pages.

Required Core Courses in EME

M.S. Degree

  • EME 500 - Energy and Mineral Project Investment Evaluation (3 credit)
  • EME 580 - Integrative Design of EME Systems (3 credits)
  • EME 590 - Colloquium (1 credit)

Ph.D. Degree

  • EME 581 - Research and Geostatistics Methods (3 credits)

Required Specialty F SC Option Courses

M.S. Degree

  • EME 570 - Catalytic Materials (3 credits)
  • F SC 503 - Analytic Methods in Fuel Science (3 credits)
  • F SC 504 - Problems in Fuels Engineering (3 credits)
  • F SC 506 - Carbon Reactions (3 credits)

Ph.D. Degree

Elective Courses

To be selected/determined in consultation with the student's advisor and thesis committee.

F SC Research Faculty

* emeritus