Graduate Program in Energy and Mineral Engineering

Energy and Mineral Engineering students tour a mining site in South Africa

Option in Environmental Health and Safety Engineering

The Environmental Health and Safety Engineering option provides students with the technical and managerial skills necessary to address health and safety concerns associated with the mining, petroleum, manufacturing, construction, insurance, and government sectors. Graduate students are exposed to an examination of contemporary issues in the field of EHSE and gain a broader understanding of the interrelationships among the engineering, psychological, economic, environmental, and regulatory aspects of health and safety.

Some of the current research topics our EME faculty are engaged in include: the interactions among worker, machine, and environment, hearing conservation, understanding engineering principles of processes and systems, the management processes of planning, organizing, and controlling, the theories of learning, motivation, and morale, quantification of accident and injury experience and loss control, system safety evaluation and safety audits, fire and electrical safety, industrial ventilation, industrial hygiene and toxicology.

For a full listing of current research areas, please visit our individual faculty profile pages.

Required Core Courses in EME

M.S. Degree

  • EME 500 - Energy and Mineral Project Investment Evaluation (3 credit)
  • EME 580 - Integrative Design of EME Systems (3 credits)
  • EME 590 - Colloquium (1 credit)

Ph.D. Degree

  • EME 581 - Research and Geostatistics Methods (3 credits)

Required Specialty EHSE Option Courses

M.S. Degree

  • EME 510 - Health and Safety Engineering (3 credits)
  • STAT 501 - Regression Methods (3 credits) OR STAT 502 - Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments (3 credits)
  • BB H 503 - Bio-Behavioral Systems in Health and Development (3 credits) OR I E 553 - Engineering of Human Work (3 credits)
  • One of the above not taken

Ph.D. Degree

Elective Courses

To be selected/determined in consultation with the student's advisor and thesis committee.

EHSE Research Faculty

* emeritus