Academic Advising

Energy and Mineral Engineering students listen during a course lecture

Academic Advising in EME

Every EME student has access to two academic advisors within the department: a faculty advisor and Alisha Simon and Amy Johnson, the EME professional advisors. Students can find the name of their assigned advisor in their LionPATH Student Center.

Here are some guidelines for which advisor you should see about various topics:

See your assigned advisor about:

  • Planning your schedule. Make sure to contact your faculty advisor no later than one week before your assigned scheduling date so that you can find an appointment time that works for both of you. 
  • Substitutions for courses for your major
  • Advice for choosing the best electives for your major for your professional and/or academic interests
  • Questions about career opportunities and preparing for a career related to your major

See the course instructor about:

  • Questions about prerequisites for that course

See the professional advisor about:

  • Help with understanding your degree audit
  • Questions about university policies and procedures (registration, changing your major, faculty senate petitions, withdrawal, re-enrollment, late drop, entrance to major, etc.)
  • Protocols you will need to follow for transfer credits/courses
  • Referrals to other resources at Penn State (tutoring and study groups, housing, counseling services, etc.)

You can find your assigned faculty advisor's name and email address on you LionPATH student center.

Contacting a professional advisor:

Alisha Simon and Amy Johnson are available for walk-in advising most weekdays from 9-11 a.m.. You are also welcome to set up an advising appointment in the afternoon; please email to schedule a time. If your question is related to scheduling or your academic records in any way, please bring a printed copy of your degree audit, which is available through LionPATH, when you come for advising.

Alisha Simon, 109 Hosler - EBF, ENVSE, and EBF minor

Amy Johnson, 110 Hosler - ENENG, MNGE and PNGE majors

It is recommended you see an advisor at least once a semester before you schedule your courses. Remember, your academic advisors are here to help you; however, you are ultimately responsible to make sure you have fulfilled all the necessary major requirements prior to graduation. 

Ryan Family Student Center >>

The Ryan Family Student Center in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences is located in 14 Deike Building. There you will have access to additional academic advising resources, tutors, computer labs, and a study area.

Academic Plans and Course Check Sheets >>

The EME department maintains a simplified Academic Plan to monitor the academic progress of students. We recommend that you maintain an updated copy of your Academic Plan. This is the easiest way to monitor your progress and spot any potential problems. In addition to the recommended academic plans, you can find degree requirements and other course information by visiting the website for your undergraduate major.

First-Year Seminar

The EMS First-Year Seminar is a required course for all first-year students in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences who are studying at the University Park campus. The course is designed to encourage students to begin the process of "thinking for a living." It places emphasis on reading and discussion, with a strong focus on writing and communications skills.