On the left is an energy and mineral engineering professor teaching a class and on the right are two energy and mineral engineering students discussing their coursework

Energy and minerals make life happen. The John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering (EME) educates students to embrace the challenges of bringing these natural resources into our daily lives. Our team of faculty, staff, and students strive for excellence in devising ways to ensure an affordable supply of energy and minerals, while protecting the environment and the health and safety of the workforce. From generating heat and electricity to transportation and recreation, all our activities depend on fuels and minerals extracted from the earth.

Undergraduate Education >>

EME offers several engineering degree programs, which address the effective production, conversion, and management of energy and mineral resources. The department is well endowed in terms of scholarship money for qualified candidates, and graduates of our programs are highly sought in the job market.

Graduate Education >>

EME offers both flexible and specialized training through our single graduate program in energy and mineral engineering. Whether pursuing a Master's or Ph.D. degree, all students receive the integrated learning experience needed to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving energy and minerals industries. The program's focus on the safe, sustainable, and efficient utilization of energy and minerals is unique to both Penn State and the United States.

Student Clubs and Organizations >>

EME is home to nine active student clubs and professional society student chapters. Participation in a student organization is an excellent way to get to know your fellow students, network with industry professionals, and enhance your professional development and leadership skills.