Strategic Plan

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The EME strategic plan embraces six primary goals with multiple components. The six major goals are:

  • Goal 1 – Advance a sustainable teaching portfolio that provides a top rated education for students who will recognize us as their first choice to become leaders in our academic fields 
  • Goal 2 – Become a national and global model for the successful execution of high-impact multi-disciplinary research in energy and earth resources and technologies
  • Goal 3 – Excel in recruiting and maintain a department of diverse people, ideas, and backgrounds
  • Goal 4 – Embed sustainability as a fundamental value in our teaching, research, service, and operations
  • Goal 5 – Promote a global reach
  • Goal 6 – Embrace and engage in the Hosler building renovation project to achieve state-of-the-science learning and research facilities tailored specifically to the interests of the Department's students, faculty, alumni, and industry partners.