Turgay Ertekin

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Turgay Ertekin

Head, John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering

Professor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering;

George E. Trimble Chair in Earth and Mineral Sciences;

118 Hosler Building


Biographical Sketch: 

Turgay Ertekin has had extensive experience with the development and application of fluid flow models in porous media. He has been deeply involved in the mathematical modeling of flow problems using various techniques for 40 years. He has taught courses in fluid flow dynamics in porous media at the graduate and undergraduate levels and has directed the research work of graduate students on reservoir modeling and reservoir engineering. His research efforts with his graduate students have produced 45 Ph.D. and 95 M.S. theses, while 6 M.S. and 14 Ph.D. students' research works are still in progress. Ertekin has given more than 300 invited lectures, paper presentations and seminars and more than 30 workshops and short courses throughout the world, and has authored or co-authored more than 250 publications including four books and four book chapters. Ertekin has served on the Society of Petroleum Engineers Editorial Board holding various positions including a two-year term as the Executive Editor of the Formation Evaluation Journal and currently is an editor-in-chief of the Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Technology.

Academic Positions


Faculty Member, Member of the Graduate Faculty, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Penn State University.

Assistant Professor (1978-1983), Associate Professor (1983-1987), Professor (1987-present), Section Chairman (1984-1998), Associate Department Head (1998-2001), Professor and George E. Trimble Chair (2001-present), Program Chairman (2002- 2007), Program Officer (2007-present)


Research and Teaching Assistant, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Penn State University.

Ph.D. candidate


Faculty Member, Petroleum Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Research Assistant (1970-1974), Instructor (1974-1975).

Educational Background: 

Ph.D. (Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering), The Pennsylvania State University, 1978

M.Sc. (Petroleum Engineering), Middle East Technical University, 1971

B.Sc. (Petroleum Engineering), Middle East Technical University, 1969

Research Interests: 
  • Advanced reservoir simulation models
  • Artificial expert system applications in reservoir engineering
  • Coalbed methane degasification
  • Pressure transient analysis applications in complex reservoir systems
  • Unconventional gas and oil reservoirs
Active Research Projects: 

Turgay Ertekin's current research deals with the flow of gases in unconventional gas reservoirs, coal seam degasification process, well test analysis for composite reservoirs, enhanced oil recovery techniques, artificial neural network applications in petroleum and natural gas engineering, and reservoir characterization. Over the course of years, Ertekin and his research groups have developed several multiphase, compositional, multidimensional isothermal and nonisothermal numerical flow models that simulate the performance and applicability of some thermal and nonthermal recovery techniques in petroleum reservoirs.

Selected Publications: 


  1. Gas Well Testing: Theory, Practice and Regulations. Co-author: D. A. T. Donohue, Publisher: IHRDC, Boston, MA, 1982, 212 pages. (Also published as E&P Video Library Module, IHRDC, Boston, MA, 1990, 214 pages.)
  2. Technical Editor Workshop Coursebook, Society of Petroleum Engineers, 125 pages, Dallas, Texas (March 1992).
  3. Reservoir Simulation. Co-Author: M. A. Adewumi. E&P Video Library Modules, IHRDC, Boston, MA, 1995, 166 pages.
  4. Basic Applied Reservoir Simulation. Co-Authors: J. H. Abou-Kassem and G. R. King. Textbook Series, Society of Petroleum Engineers Publications Department, Dallas, Texas, 2001, 406 pages.

Chapters in Books

  1. Principles of Numerical Simulation of Oil Reservoirs-An Overview. Heavy Crude Oil Recovery. Edited by E. Okandan, NATO Advanced Study Institute Series. Chapter 11, pp. 379-408. Martins Nijhoff Publishers, The Hague (April 1984).
  2. Oil and Natural Gas Drilling and Transportation: Environmental Problems and Control. Environmental Consequences of Energy Production. Co-Author: M. A. Adewumi. Edited by Shyamal K. Majumdar, Fred J. Brenner and E. Willard Miller. Chapter 11, pp. 141-163. The Pennsylvania Academy of Science Publications (May 1987).
  3. Underground Storage of Natural Gas: Theory and Practice. Edited by M. R. Tek, NATO Advanced Study Institute Series. Part II, Chapter 2, pp. 76-91. Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands (September 1989).
  4. Structural Properties of Coal Controlling the Coalbed Methane Production. Co-Authors: W. Sung and H. I. Bilgesu. Edited by Douglas C. Peters. Chapter III in EMD Coal Volume on Geology in Coal Resource Utilization, pp. 105-124. American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Tech-Books, Fairfax, Virginia (December 1991).

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Ertekin, T. and N. Silpngarmlers. Optimization of Formation Analysis and Evaluation protocols Using Neuro-Simulation. J. Petroleum Science and Engineering, V.49 Issues 3-4, pp. 97-109 (December 2005).
  2. Ayala, L. F. and T. Ertekin, M. A. Adewumi. Compositional Modeling of Retrograde Gas-Condensate Reservoirs in Multi-Mechanistic Flow Domains. SPEJ 2005, pp.480-487 (December 2006).
  3. Ayala, L. F. and T. Ertekin, M. A. Adewumi. Study of Gas/Condensate Reservoir Exploitation Using Neurosimulation. SPEJ 2007, pp. 140-149 (April 2007).
  4. Gorucu, F. B., S. A. Jikich, G. S. Bromhal, W. N. Sams, T. Ertekin and D. H. Smith. Effects of Matrix Shrinkage and Swelling on the Economics of Enhanced Coalbed Methane Production and CO2 Sequestration in Coal, SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering J. pp. 382-392 (August 2007).
  5. Sams, W. N., G. Bromhal, S. A. Jikich, T. Ertekin, D. H. Smith. Using Horizontal Wells to Sequester CO2 and Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery: A Simulation Study of Operating Procedures. E-Journal of Reservoir Engineering, Vol 1, No.1 (2008).
  6. Thararoop, P., Z. Karpyn, A. Gitman, T. Ertekin. Integration of Seismic Attributes and Production Data for Infill Drilling Strategies – A Virtual Intelligence Approach. JPSE 63(2008) 43-52 (December 2008).
  7. Ayala H., L.F., Radespiel, E., and Ertekin, T. Analysis of Condensate Buildup and Flow Impairment of Retrograde Gases in Fissured Reservoirs, SPE Journal, v. 13, n. 1, pp. 95-100, (March 2009).
  8. Ayala, L. F. and T. Ertekin. Neuro-Simulation Analysis of Pressure Maintenance Operations in Gas-Condensate Reservoirs, JPSE 58 (2007) 207-226 August 2007).
  9. Thararoop, P., Z. T. Karpyn, and Ertekin, T. Development of a Coal Shrinkage-Swelling Model Accounting for Water Content in the Micropores. Int. J. Mining and Mineral Engineering, v.1, No.4, Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. (November 2009).
  10. Artun, E., T. Ertekin, R. Watson, B. Miller. Development and Testing of Proxy Models for Screening Cyclic Pressure Pulsing Process in a Depleted, Naturally Fractured Reservoir. JPSE 73 (2010) 73-85 (July 2010).
Recent Activities: 


  • Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME (1974-present).
  • Member, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (1984-present).
  • Member, American Society for Engineering Education (1995-present).
  • Member, Petroleum Society of CIM (2001-present).


  • The Pennsylvania State University, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Matthew J. and Anne C. Wilson Outstanding Teaching Award (April 1982).
  • Quentin E. and Louise L. Wood Fellow in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (1990-2001).
  • The Pennsylvania State University Graduate Faculty Teaching Award (April 1995).
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty (September 1998).
  • The Pennsylvania State University, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Matthew J. and Anne C. Wilson Outstanding Service Award (May 1999).
  • The Pennsylvania State University Twenty-Five Years Service Award (December 2000).
  • George E. Trimble Chair in Earth and Mineral Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University (2001-present).
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers Lester C. Uren Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Technology of Petroleum Engineering (October 2001).
  • Elected as Society of Petroleum Engineers Distinguished Member by the Board (October 2001).
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers Distinguished Lecturer (September 2004 - May 2005).
  • The Pennsylvania State University, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Matthew J. and Anne C. Wilson Award for Excellence in Research (April 2004).
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers Publications Division "A Peer Apart" Award (November 2007).